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About Carib Ventures

Carib Ventures is committed to supporting and nurturing the development of entrepreneurs and their companies on the path to sustained success. We are experts from the technology and service sectors whose investment capacity and industry insight empower our partners to become dominant leaders in their respective marketplaces.

Our enthusiastic, hardworking team of investment and industry professionals are among some of the most knowledgeable and respected in the sector. We boast an experienced team with backgrounds in the digital, marketing, and technology space. We are able to draw on the global experience of venture capital, investment, entrepreneurship, operations and financing to accelerate the growth of our portfolio companies.

We take a hands-on approach with all of our portfolio companies, drawing on our depth of sector knowledge, our experience as entrepreneurs, and breadth of resources to provide guidance. We utilize our established infrastructure to infuse rapid growth and development into our partner companies.

Focusing on early to mid-stage investment, we invest in exceptional companies primarily in the digital media, entertainment, mobile and consumer Internet sectors. We generally serve as the lead or co-lead investor with board participation in all investments.


New business ventures and established companies experience numerous cycles throughout their existence. Such cycles can create vast and unpredictable needs for operations and operators. When this vital time arises, organizations that want to succeed will recognize the value in accelerative tools and bolster their vision with services such as alternate sources of financing, product innovation, and sales & marketing expertise.

Here at Carib Ventures, we pride ourselves on an expertise of this crucial phase, and have longstanding success in breaking through the ceiling of growth. With us by your side as partners, our portfolio will receive invaluable stimulus for growth and the all-important ability to forge an exit.


Carib Ventures provides funding for new media and technology companies at early stage development.

We look for companies best to seize initiatives on the web, mobile, tablets and next generation media. We invite technopreneurs worldwide to submit their proposals, business ideas and concepts for review.

If accepted, we will support financially while helping to mentor the companies to success. Carib Ventures works with founders to help best accelerate growth and capacity building. Our advisory facilities provides access to strategic partners. Our goal is to make people’s dream come true while reaping the benefits and rewards together.


Rotana Media Group


Fone Clay

Love Futbol

Geary Group, Inc.

The Idea Brand

CPC Strategy

Prime Player


Katana Connect

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